My Open Heart

Creating An Etsy Shop

I remember years back when Etsy was born I always dreamt of becoming a shop owner. However I never knew what I would sell? Well today I decided to open up shop. It all started with a painted rock that became a long awaited dream that became a reality. I’m so excited to commence this… Continue reading Creating An Etsy Shop

Everything Else

My All Time Starbucks Favs

Most of you know that my passion for coffee runs deep within my veins. It’s literally the bane to my existence. Before having my daughter Starbucks was something that was an absolute necessity every morning before work as a 12 hour shift always kicked my butt. Hand me my perfect morning pick me up and… Continue reading My All Time Starbucks Favs

My Open Heart

Mystery Blogger Award

  I was nominated for this blog award a about a month ago. However I have been terrible with writing lately. We have so many things happening in life right now. Hoping that things calm down soon. So without further ado.. Here Are The Rules Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award


Tom Muehlenbeck Recreational Center

As a mom of a 1 year old it can be challenging to get out. Prior to walking it was hard to take my daughter places where she could be independent without getting into things she wasn’t suppose to. If you know what I mean. Now that she is walking it has made getting out… Continue reading Tom Muehlenbeck Recreational Center

My Open Heart

What I Have Learned From Being A Mom After 1 Year

What I have learned in a year Prior to being a mom, I never thought being a mom was a difficult task in life. As I became one in the matter of minutes of giving birth to my daughter I realized the reality of “OMG!” I never knew that becoming a mom would be so… Continue reading What I Have Learned From Being A Mom After 1 Year


How to plan the perfect 1st Birthday for your cutie!

Over the past few weeks we have been so busy as a family. I haven’t even had a chance to think about blogging. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in life that there is only time for the aspects that serve as the most importance. Take time for those things that matter in your life… Continue reading How to plan the perfect 1st Birthday for your cutie!


My Top 5 Favorite things about Seattle

I would like to start off this blog by saying I’m so sorry that I’ve been too busy to write. Sometimes life happens and it doesn’t allow you to do the things you wish you could. So without further ado… If you follow my Instagram you might already be aware that my husband and I… Continue reading My Top 5 Favorite things about Seattle