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The Troubles of Getting Pregnant


When my husband and I first commenced trying to conceive it was not easy. All those years of people telling you to be careful because it was so easy, was unfortunately not the case for me. We tried and tried to the point where I became so frustrated because nothing was working. Everyone kept saying stop stressing about it. Each time some one would say “Stop stressing about it!” was like a jab to the gut. But what everyone was saying was ultimately true. Once I stopped stressing about becoming pregnant that’s when it happened. Probably not something you want to hear but its the truth.

Things I did that worked

Once I gave up the impatient side of myself I was actually able to enjoy trying to get pregnant. The first thing that you want to do is find out your day of ovulation and from there figure out your fertile window. Some of you might not need to do this as you are defined as a “fertile mertile”, which is awesome. However for those of you who have been trying and haven’t had success without any outside help here is what I did.

Tracking your fertility

First, I purchased a Clear Blue digital ovulation kit. This kit is amazing because it tells you your peak ovulation days and highest point of ovulation. It is important to test everyday after your period until you get a flashing smile on your test. Once you receive the flashing smile it’s time to get your baby making on. Do not be discouraged if it doesn’t help right away. These things take time.

Sperm Count Matters

Second, when going to the fertility doctor after a year of not being able to conceive she informed me that the sperm count decreases each time a man ejaculates. So her recommendation was to have sex every other day to increase my chances. Just because you have sex everyday does not mean that you will get pregnant unless your lucky! I had my husband take a sperm count test just to be sure that he had enough sperm to get me pregnant. The test that we used was called Fertility Check. It sounds crazy to have your man take a sperm test but when you’re desperate your gonna try anything! Good news! his sperm count was high enough to get a positive result. Anything above 20 million is considered a good count to become pregnant. Make sure you properly read the instructions and follow as directed otherwise you may get a bad result and these tests are kinda expensive. A lubricant that we used was called preseed. The reason why I got preseed was to trap the sperm and help them travel in case my cervical mucous was not lucid. I got mine at target. Once again if you don’t get pregnant next month do not get discouraged. Remember oprah winfrey didn’t become famous over night. Consistency is key.

Vitamins, hydration, and get moving

Third, take your multivitamin or prenatal everyday, folic acid, DHA, and get moving. You’re creating a home for you’re future child. So it needs to be well kept. The healthier you are the better. I am not a doctor but these are the things that were recommended to me along the way of my journey of trying to become pregnant. There were also some other supplements that I took to help with pregnancy. One of these was evening primrose oil. Primrose oil is an important supplement because it aides with hormonal balance, which is needed to become pregnant. Since I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome also known as (PCOS) I was in desperate need of some regularity in my life. Luckily it seemed to work with time. Another important factor that you want to take note of is that the quality of cervical mucous can affect becoming pregnant. Primrose oil also helps to create better quality of cervical mucous for sperm to flow through. Yay! These things were researched by myself through videos of other women on YouTube and Internet research. I was actually pretty surprised about the information that I found. FertileCm, and FertilAid were also among the supplements that supported pregnancy and eventually lead to becoming pregnant as well.  So what’s the difference? FertileCM helps a woman produce cervical mucous, while FertilAid helps with hormonal embalance and increases over all reproductive health. This is highly recommended if your at your wits end.

Water, water and more water. Make sure your staying plenty hydrated as this plays a major factor in becoming pregnant. You must have quality cervical mucous to become pregnant and that starts with the basics. Stay hydrated! I wasn’t much of an avid water drinker prior to commencing my pregnancy journey but once I found out it increases your chances of becoming pregnant. Hello water! Lastly get moving. Even if your not a fitness Instagram queen you can keep moving by going to the mall, Target, or take a walk around your community. The fresh air will also help with the stress of becoming pregnant. Good Luck I hope this helps!!

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