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What I Packed in My Hospital Bag For My C-section Delivery

You’re almost ready to give birth so now what? Packing your hospital bag can bring on many mixed emotions. It’s an exciting time knowing that soon you will be bringing your little person home. However, do not be nervous if that creates some anxiety as well. You’ll come to realize that with packing comes some questions. Do I have enough? Do I have everything that I need? and more. I unpacked and repacked my bag a countless number of times. DON’T stress! I know that may be an understatement for some of you, but honestly, take it one day at a time.

How I decided what to pack for myself

Like every other new mom I packed more then I needed. However, my mom always taught me it’s always better to have too much then not enough. 

What I packed: three nursing bras, Two pairs of comfortable pajamas, a robe, slippers, 3 pairs of fuzzy socks, going home outfit, hair ties, C-section underwear, sandals, phone charger, camera (if needed),  and granny maxi pads.

Toiletries: Tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush, neutrogena makeup remover pads, stool softener (take a few days before birth), mascara, eyeliner, and brow shadow. It might sound weird to pack makeup but you never know if you’ll need it for hospital pictures, which I did. I was happy that I packed it.

What I actually used/needed

With over packing comes the “overpacking”. If you saw my bag you would have thought I was staying at the hospital for a week. What I found is that the majority of the time you will be in your hospital gown and not in anything that you may have packed. The four things I utilized the most were my socks, underwear (day of discharge), button up long-sleeve shirt pajamas, and robe. Other then that I really didn’t use anything else. One thing to remember is that the hospital is always cold so bring something to keep you warm. My long-sleeve pajama and robe saved my life.  Through my experience I recommend it might be better to pack light. Simply because you will be so tired from the process of giving birth, to the nurses coming in and out of your room, visitors, and nursery nurses bringing your baby to feed. You will soon dread the knock at the door because you are so sleep deprived. Or at least I did. One thing I did not pack but I wish I did was a blanket. You will soon discover that there is nothing better then the comforts of home. 

The good thing about the hospital is that they have everything that you could possibly need in regards to your stay. Mesh underwear and hospital pads were the one thing I thought I wouldn’t use but let me tell you, I loved them. Luckily whatever I didn’t use the hospital allowed me to take home. The key is to ask for more the day before you leave and place it in your bag. Fortunately I did this on accident and reaped the reward of doing so. So I had more then enough. Make sure you receive a hospital girdle for c-section delivery. That in itself saved my life. When your in pain the last thing you think will help is a girdle, think again. Wow what a difference. Make sure your hospital supplies one for you. If it doesn’t I suggest you buy one that has velcro so its easily adjustable. Remember, this will be placed below your belly button to support your tummy and help with pain. This is not for waist training. Although I may have moved it up a few times in the hospital praying my post pregnancy belly would magically disappear. However don’t worry there is plenty of time for that. 

When thinking about your going home outfit think comfortable. No jeans! I made the mistake of thinking I’d be one of those celebrity moms that walk out of the hospital fabulous. Think again. What I should have gotten to go home was a loose velour jumpsuit or something of that nature. 

What I wish I would’ve packed for my baby

You have your standard stuff that you pack for your baby such as a boppy pillow, swaddle blankets, car seat, blanket, hats, going home outfit, mittens, socks and onesies. Skip the onesies and replace them with baby gowns instead. This is one thing I wish I would have done. Why? Once my mom brought some from home I quickly realized that the access is much easier and it keeps the baby warm at the same time, “Two birds one stone”.

Don’t forget about Daddy!

While packing for your special delivery and baby don’t forget about Daddy! It’s important to make Daddy feel just as important as your new bundle of joy, as well as feel apart of the process. So make sure you include him in the development of packing a bag. It will make him feel like it’s also about him too and get excited. What I did to make my husband feel special: Get a Daddy bag (it doesn’t have to be expensive. I got a backpack), Fill it with snacks that he likes, phone charger, magazine, coin bag for vending machine, and a note. Here’s an example of something I wrote: “Well babe we are well on our way to meeting our daughter. Here is your own Daddy bag filled with a start of some things you may need for our hospital stay. I’m so blessed to have you as the father of my child and have you by my side as we commence this new journey.” This will allow him to feel appreciated and included.

Things you won’t need to bring with you: 

  • Diapers
  • Wipes 

Things you want to bring home from the hospital: 

  • Bulb suction (if they don’t provide you with one, ASK! You’ll need it in the future.)
  • Left over Diapers
  • Left over Wipes
  • Baby t-shirt for future shadow box or memory
  • Plastic Bin (for sponge bathing purposes)
  • Thermometer (extra bonus)
  • Hat when they were born (another memory)
  • Hospital card with name, weight, length, and time of birth

Just some advises from a first time mama. I hope this finds you well and as always if you have any questions please comment below.

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