Military Life, Military Wife

The Heart of A Military Wife

To be a Military Wife it takes a whole lot of heart, courage, love, passion, dedication, and so much more. There are other aspects that come into account as well such as moving to a new place, new state, and new city that you know nothing about. There is no family there except for you, your husband (sometimes), and your children. There are no friends to call when you need to go and grab a coffee. But the beauty of this life is the experience that you give yourself and your family. No, you will not have one home to call your own for years at a time but many places that leave an everlasting impact on your heart with each memory as something completely unique.

Don’t take what people say to heart

“I could never be with a guy in the military.” “How could you just up and leave your family?” There will be many comments that people will make along your journey of coming into contact with new people as well as old. Don’t take what people say to heart. Some people just don’t know any better or they are just ignorant. We can’t change the way that people think. Pick and choose your battles. This life isn’t for everyone. So when people say certain things we must remember it’s never intended to hurt us. Sometimes these things are in place to help us understand people on a different level. When you find the person that you are designed to be with everything will lead you to them like a magnet. There will be difficult moments but it won’t ever be something that you cannot over come together. That type of love is authentic and truly hard to find. So when you find it don’t let go. It is so easy to walk away when things get hard. When it’s the right person everything is easy. Because you work through the hard times. “It will work out” as my husband would say. I’m not saying that it doesn’t take work to be in a long distance relationship because it does. I’m not saying that you won’t cry everyday while they are gone or that it’s not hard because it is. However, when you become a wife of someone you truly love there is no holding back, no amount of separation could ever define what you have. Because distance doesn’t matter. The distance helps you to develop communication in different ways dependent on your situation. You look forward to the phone call, email, or video chat because they are so few and far between. This builds character within your relationship. It also helps you become the mother and wife you are meant to be.

Being a Single Parent Part Time

Having a new baby while daddy is away is nothing short of difficult. Your baby solely depends on you for everything. Some days you won’t even realize you haven’t showered all day because your new life consists of pjs, sweatpants and slippers. But that’s ok! I’ve learned not to be so hard on myself. Because the truth is sometimes you won’t have time for “you” and that’s ok. There will be plenty of time for yourself down the road when your once baby is out living his or her own life. So enjoy the madness now because it doesn’t last forever and soon Daddy will be home!

Learn how to become organized

This can be extremely difficult at first because the only thing you really care about is sleep. But once you master the art of your organization of time things will start to become more of a routine and not so much chaos. You will have a few bumps in the road at first but who doesn’t? That’s how we learn what works for us and what doesn’t. Remember to embrace those moments and try not to be so hard on yourself. There’s no perfect mom! We’re all zombies trying to figure out this thing called parenthood one day at a time.

In the End…

In the end would I change my life to be somewhere more grounded with my family and friends? No! I wouldn’t because the man that I have isn’t someone that you can just find at the grocery store. I searched for a long time to try to find the right person to marry and it never worked out. The weird thing about love is that it finds you at the perfect moment that is designed for your life. Don’t look for love. Let it find you. And as for being a military wife and mama I wouldn’t change it for the world. And as the saying goes “distance makes the heart grow fonder”.

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