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Why My Daughter Has Never Had Diaper Rash

One of the things that I always hear moms talking about is how their child has or has had the worst diaper rash. Fortunately my daughter has never gotten a bad diaper rash (knock on wood). I attribute her flawless tush to aquaphor and occasional bathing or sponge bathing after her pooping episodes, when it’s bad. 

My daughter’s story is much like many other babies in that she suffered from acid reflux from the time she was born (that’s a blog all in itself). So not only was she spitting up like crazy, she had very acidy stool (poop). So as soon as she would go there, I would head straight to the bathroom to sponge bathe her lower half. Especially when it would be all up in her lady parts. It seriously freaked me out. Maybe this sounds crazy. But have you ever had a really spicy meal? Then went to the bathroom 10 minutes later! Oh man is that uncomfortable! Now imagine being new to the world and feeling that. I just couldn’t let her deal with that, especially already dealing with so much. No matter how tired I was, there I was, sponge bathing that booty and putting aquaphor on her butt. If you don’t have time to do the bathing thing that’s ok. Just make sure you wipe your babies butt really clean then apply. If it becomes dry apply again. Remember you want to contain it.

From the first day that we brought her home from the hospital if there was any sign of redness I would put it on her booty, typically where it comes out. This helps seal in the redness, and acts as a barrier to prevent it from spreading and or becoming worst. At least from my experience this is what I have seen. By doing this it will contain it to one spot. I strongly believe that this is the main reason why she hasn’t gotten a bad rash, ever. Another reason is probably because as soon as I smell or see “the face” I change her. Sometimes as moms we become so busy that we forget to check. But this is one thing that I am so psycho about. Because the moment you don’t… diaper rash. 

Why do I do what I do? 

With acid reflux comes an acidic bowl hence acidic poop. So I couldn’t chance her sitting in it for long. Our nighttime routine is no different. Once she’s bathed I make sure to dry her and put it on. This has done wonders for her at night as it keeps it nice and moisturized while she sleeps. I didn’t read this anywhere! It’s something I stumbled across along the way. It has worked wonders for us and we’ve been doing since birth. So why not share? Also if you start to notice little bumps along with the redness through experience of working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit we usually mix Aquaphor with Desitin to eliminate the rash quicker for our older babies. Just another secret from an educated mommy. But Aquaphor is one secret that I feel new mommies need to know for prevention purposes and a happier baby. Happy Baby equals Happy Mommy. If I can reach one person that’s one tushie saved! 

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