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The Truth of Having a C-Section Delivery

Here are the 8 Things That No One Ever Tells You About Before Having A C-Section that you definitely need to know and prepare for.

Having a C-section is not all what it’s cut out to be “The Easy Way Out”. Far from it! People tend to forget that this is a surgery. To me that’s a pretty big deal.

Everyone always thinks that having a Cesarean Delivery is so much easier compared to a vaginal birth. There’s a reason why you’re given 2 extra weeks to recover. Throughout my pregnancy that was all that I continued to hear. People seem to always have an opinion about everything these days regardless of the topic. Cesarean deliveries are apparently one of those topics that are up for debate. Despite the scrutiny that you will receive from co-workers, family and friends do not listen to what they have to say because in the end this may be for a medical reason and lets face it people can be ignorant. Throughout my pregnancy I discovered the art of allowing things to roll off my back and not take offense to things that people would say. It will only leave you more upset and when your pregnant your already hormonal enough.

The 8 Things that No one Told Me That I Wish they would have


  1. Feeling Anxious and Not Being Able To Breathe:

After having a needle placed in your back things might start to become weird. Once the nurse has you lay down on your back and place your arms out on the table you might become lightheaded, nauseated, have increased work of breathing, feelings of not being able to breathe or all of the above. These are all things that I wish someone would have warned me about prior to signing my life away on the consent forms. Luckily, I told my pre-op nurse that I get sick with any type of anesthesia so they gave me Zofran prior to going to the operating room. Although I was given medication to stop the nausea I still felt like I needed to vomit, but I didn’t. Welcome to my delivery experience! As if the anticipation of having a baby wasn’t exciting enough, Welcome to the reality of having a C-section!


  1. You Will Still Bleed and Want To Take Multiple Showers A Day

Bleeding, bleeding and more bleeding… Have you read websites that tell you that the bleeding is minimal with a C-section? Well I did and oh boy… those websites couldn’t be more inaccurate according to my experience. After my C-section I vividly remember nurses coming in and changing a pad for me every few hours, which can be normal for some women. When the day of discharge came I had a lot of left over pads and mesh underwear because I had been bleeding so much. (Just a tip you might want to take these two items home with you). A friend had recommended that I get depends, which is an absorbent disposable underwear. However I didn’t use them. One, it was hard to bend down to take them off and put them on and Two, it kinda grossed me out. Once I was discharged from the hospital I would take two to three showers a day just because I felt disgusting. So if this becomes your new normal once you have a baby, you’re not going crazy like I thought that I was.


  1. You Wont Be Able To Feel Your Legs After Your C-Section

You might think that this is crazy but honey its real! After having a C-section the Spinal block causes a person to have complete numbness for at least 6 to 8 hours. Unfortunately my numbness lasted for 24 hours. I was not able to get up to go to the bathroom because I could not feel anything from my belly button down. I remember the nurse rubbing the bottom of my foot asking, “Can you feel this?” Nurses would massage my abdomen and I couldn’t feel it. The best way to describe this is when your foot falls asleep without the tingling. You can make your toes move but you cannot feel them. I was barely able to lift my body up off the mattress for the nurses to change my pad. However my body is extremely sensitive to medicine so this might be why. Everyone has different experiences with anesthesia and pain medication. This was mine..


  1. You Will Be Numb Above and Below Your Incision

The vast majority of women I know experience this. You will have the early signs of bruising above and below your incision, which will go away with time. It will be extremely tender to touch above and below so be aware that it might feel like you go hit in the lower abdomen multiple times. You’ll be surprised to realize that the incision itself doesn’t hurt at all. I remember on day two the nurse helped me to the shower and I was terrified to touch it but to my surprise I felt nothing. Depending on if your incision is stapled or sown you will have different experiences. My incision was sown, which I love! I have a very pretty scar for the most part. If you get sown you might have a piece of string that comes out at the end of your incision. Not to worry it will eventually fall off. So don’t be tempted to pick at it, cut it, or pull it. Just leave it alone and let it fall off.


  1. Its Hard To Have A Bowl Movement

The two things that I am so glad that I did that saved my life after giving birth was drink lots of water, and take stool softener. One day prior to giving birth I took stool softener as recommended to me from friends who had prior surgeries. Boy was I glad that I did. I also want to mention that I am not a Doctor so do this at your own discretion or ask your doctor prior to doing so. The days to follow I drank lots of water as well as took these stool softeners, which helped me tremendously after having so much medicine in my body. Pain medications tend to clog up your system. So it is extremely important to facilitate your body before and after to prevent a hospital visit. I have heard horror stories of moms not being able to go to the bathroom leading to a hospital admission due to being impacted, No Thank You! Honey, do yourself a favor stay hydrated and drink plenty of water, eat high in fiber foods and if you have to call in the big guns theirs always prune juice.


  1. You Will Need Help Going To The Bathroom


The one thing that couldn’t be more embarrassing is your husband helping you to the bathroom, pulling down your underwear, and seeing what’s happening downstairs. Talk about a horrifying experience. The first few days in the hospital you will need help going to the bathroom. You might even require some help once your home. This is all a normal thing that comes along with having a C-Section. The first few times I took a shower I needed help getting out of the shower. This is nothing to be ashamed of but embraced as horrifying as it may be it actually brings you and your husband closer together. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget.


  1. The Hospital Girdle Will Become Your Best friend

Prior to having my C-Section there were many things that I asked my Doctor including if I will have a support band/girdle placed on after delivery. She ensured me that a support band would be necessary to facilitate with the pain and would be documented in my chart to be placed on me immediately in the recovery room after delivery. Apparently not all physicians do this, so make sure that yours does. I never would have thought that a girdle would be comfortable to wear 24/7 but I was surprised to know that it was. Because I was in so much pain it helped to minimize the pain. Plus it’s an added bonus that while you breastfeed your uterus contracts and the girdle will help aid your body to put everything back to wear it belongs.


  1. You want your Mom to Stay with you for as Long as she can

Given that I am in a different state then my mom this was probably the best decision that I could have made early on in my pregnancy. I asked my mom if she could stay with me for a month to help me. Thank God she did! One week after giving birth my husband went on detachment for the Navy. So I was thankful she was there for me. For the first month after having my daughter I was a zombie. Half the time I was so tired from frequent breastfeed and continuous crying due to colic that I didn’t know what I was doing. I recall trying to put the toaster in the freezer at one point #momlife. At least I can look back and laugh at it now. However I do not know what I would have done without my mom. She cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleaned the house, watched the baby so I could nap, stayed up with her so I could go to bed early, and so much more. Now being a mom I realize how much that experience meant to me.


In conclusion, there are many things that people will sugar coat while you are pregnant because YOU ARE PREGNANT. No one wants to tell you the reality of how much it sucks at the beginning because it’s harsh. But I wish that someone had told me about some of these things so I wouldn’t have been in for the shock of my life. However the best thing that you can receive from this whole experience is looking back and wanting to relive each moment all over again just to see your baby as a baby again. This experience prepares you to become the fabulous mama that you were meant to be. Hope you enjoyed reading this one! Have a great day.


2 thoughts on “The Truth of Having a C-Section Delivery

  1. This is perfect! I’ve had two c-sections and let me tell you, those two surgeries really put my body through a mess! My first experience was identical to yours! My second was easier, pain wise. Thanks for posting this! Lots of people still think it’s the easy route!


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