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Spoiled Mama Luxe-Mama Body Wash & Happy Legs Gel Review

After a long day of the hustle and bustle the first thing that I cannot wait to do is take a hot shower, soak my body in body wash, and relax. Life can be stressful regardless of your situation so why not use something that will promote stress relief and enhance calming. Plus this is also a great way to enhance pregnancy skin care. Hello Luxe-Mama body wash!IMG_7910.JPG

When I received this product I was immediately excited to try it, simply because I am a night shower type of person. When researching the best scents for relaxation lavender and vanilla have an instant calming nature. This is why so many other products such as baby lotion offer these aspects in their formula. Why? You ask because it will help the baby to sleep (round of applause for that!). Luxe-Mama is complete genius.

Why I love Luxe-Mama Body Wash

Once I opened this product to pour on my luffa the

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essence of the smells of lavender and vanilla fill your spirit. Have you ever eaten a warm cookie fresh out of the oven? You know that feeling you get when you taste it? That’s my description of the way that my body feels when I use this product. The smell is only one of the five aspects that I enjoy about this product. The second thing that I can appreciate is the fact that it lathers very well. I don’t think that I am alone when I say that I can enjoy a product that makes your skin feel refreshed and sparkling clean. Well ladies, that is exactly how my skin feels when using Luxe-Mama body wash. Third, a little goes a long way. So don’t get trigger-happy and pour more then you need because you’ll be sad that you wasted your liquid gold. Forth, most body washes that I have used in the past have left my skin flakey, dry and screaming for a moisturizer immediately after a shower. The benefit of using Luxe-Mama is that my skin feels like it drank a tall glass of moisture, which is why I love this product. Last but not least my favorite part of Luxe-Mama is that I am able to relax after a long day. There is something wonderful that happens when I use this product that enhances calming. This in itself is worth giving this product a try. I say this because I remember being pregnant and having restless nights. I wish that I would have knew about Luxe-Mama body wash as well so I could have added it to my night time routine, which consisted of three other products from Spoiled Mama. This product is definitely one for the books to try. Oh I also forgot to mention that this is pregnancy safe body wash and OBGYN recommended. You wont regret it!

Happy Legs Gel For Tired Cankles

Immediately after the shower I find that using Happy Legs For Tired Cankles serves its purpose. This gel makes your feet and ankles feel refreshed after a long day of work. In my line of work it’s important to relax especially after a 12-hour shift. I am finding that using this gel along with a nice pair of socks really allows the moisture to lock in and establish a nice cooling effect. This would be great for those of you who are pregnant as this product provides treatment for pregnancy swollen feet relief.

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If You are able to use this prior to going to sleep it will help you sleep much better. I have dealt with sleepless nights due to a condition called restless leg syndrome and after using this no more RLS. Spoiled Mama has done it again with two amazing products that absolutely are worth trying. You don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy this product and reap the benefits. So give it a try! I hope you all enjoyed this read!! For all questions leave a comment or email me. For more information on these essential mommy products check out the spoiled mama.

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