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Why I Waited To Travel With The Right Person

In my younger years I remember friends traveling with boyfriends to different places, sharing pictures and splendid stories… Only to find out years later those photos had been ripped in half with only one person remaining in the picture. Looking at those photos really started to resonate with me.

“I am so glad that I waited to travel with the right person.”

Fast forward to ten years later… A 7 year friendship that commenced in Hawaii blossomed into something I never expected. A relationship, an engagement, marriage and a baby all within what seems like in a blink of an eye. I have traveled more then I have ever imagined that I would in a lifetime because of my now husband. My husband has an amazing ability to search for the most beautiful places no matter where we are in the world. Its probably one of my favorite qualities about him. It’s funny to look back now because I was never much of a traveling person until my husband. I guess I wasn’t much of a traveler because it wasn’t worth traveling with anyone until the memories would be worth more then just a photo.

Traveling With My Best Friend

The PillBox Hike

Some of my most valued memories are from the beginning of it all.. Our long distance relationship. Traveling across an ocean to see my then friend who eventually became my boyfriend… Hawaii. I think the main reason I love Hawaii so much is because it is where the foundation of our relationship was built. This photo encompasses the innocence behind our new found love through a friendship that I thought would never become anything more. One of our very first pictures was this one sitting on top of a piece of history (An old bunker used during the era of World War II).. You can’t get more romantic then that. There is something about Hawaii that has a type of unspoken magic.


A view of Diamond Head, Hawaii


Taking Advantage of Whats Right in Front of You 

Holokai Catamaran Sunset Cruise

Someone once told me if you think someone is “the one” travel with them.

That statement couldn’t be more true. You learn a lot about a person when you travel with them. You learn about how they handle stress, communication, compromising, patience, and the type of person they truly are. I don’t know what it is about traveling that changes a person. But it does. Once you take someone out of the their element their true colors show. When traveling with my then boyfriend (who is now my husband) I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. So I through expectations out the window and dove head first. However through traveling with my husband I came to realize that the smallest things matter.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Things that you never would have thought mattered but they do. I’ll never forget when we were stopping at a gas station on a road trip and he brought me an Arizona Green Tea without asking. I thought that was so thoughtful. Something small but thoughtful. Another example of this was when we had left to go out to dinner and I

San Antonio Texas River Walk

forgot to grab a jacket. Luckily he had already grabbed it knowing I would forget it. When traveling, the majority of the time a guy will only be concerned about himself. However a man that loves you will always take care of you first.

“Travel with a man who will put you first!”

Traveling for the first time with my husband was nothing short of perfect and as the years go by traveling has become second nature to us. We have only been married for 2 years but it seems like a lifetime has passed us by. We have done many things in our short time of being together and continue to crave more. If I could give any piece of advise to anyone it would be to travel when you feel that you have met the right person. It makes all the difference in the world when you can fully enjoy a trip without the mess of not being on the same page.

Santa Monica Pier, California

A Piece Of Advise

Travel with someone that you can completely be yourself with. Travel with someone that you can share experiences with. Do things that you both can enjoy together.
Laugh at the unexpected ups and downs of your trip and enjoy the moments. Take as many photos as you can. Theres nothing worse then thinking back and wishing you had a photo. Travel as often as you can before you have children because man is it hard once you do. Appreciate your alone time and relish in the beauty of the different places that you travel to. Go to popular tourist spots but also the local spots. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the amount of culture you gain by being around a different part of the country. Not many get the luxury of being able to travel. You don’t have to travel outside of the country to find beauty. Start small and save your way up to something grand! Because your worth it!

Texas State Capital in Austin




7 thoughts on “Why I Waited To Travel With The Right Person

  1. How beautiful is this post, loved reading it. Three cheers to your beautiful relationship and wishing you many memorable travels together.
    Your advice is spot on ❤❤


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