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5 Things You Need To Know When Traveling With An Infant Alone

When thinking about traveling with a baby by yourself many thoughts cross your mind. One of those questions may consist of asking yourself if you have lost your mind. Or at least I did at 20 times. Then you begin to bargain with yourself. Repeating over and over it will be fine. Just the thought of traveling with an infant can become extremely intimidating and overwhelming

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You traveled by yourself with your infant on a plane!

What Do I Really Need On The Plane?

The things that you will absolutely need on a plane is completely dependent upon how long you will actually be on the plane (hours). For example when I took my daughter on the plane for the first time it was a 3 hour flight which wasn’t long. However if you have a fussy infant it can feel like a lifetime. The first time I traveled with my daughter by myself it was extremely stressful. Not to scare the traveling mama or dad in you. I think my stress mainly attributed to the fact that it I didn’t have any help, there isn’t anything that is easily accessible, and everything is literally up to you. One of the aspects that you cannot predict or plan for is how your infant will adjust to being on a plane and or behave. But those aspects are unfortunately out of your control.

Here Are 13 Absolute Must Haves:

  • Diapers (carry enough in case there is an accident (blowout). On my flight I took 6 and only used 2. Just to give you an idea).
  • Formula (again take enough just in case of an emergency like being stuck at the airport. I like to use the Similac ready to feed for purposes like convenience. For me it was way easier to just shake and pour when you have a screaming baby thats hangry. For those who are wondering about the TSA regulations on formula you can take as much as you need. There is no limit. Just make sure to inform the TSA attendant that you have formula prior to going through the x-ray scanner so they can do a further inspection as necessary per policy).
  • Baby Carrier
  • Bottles
  • Wipes
  • Extra Socks
  • Baby Blanket (Prior to having a child I always would bring a blanket just because the temperature on the plane is always unpredictable. My advice better to be safe then sorry).
  • Toys (Anything that will keep them occupied during the flight. This includes teething toys, pacifiers).
  • Bibs (If you plan on feeding your baby baby food while on the plane).
  • Spoon (For baby food).
  • A change of clothes (onesie, and pants. I remember seeing a mom changing her son who had massive explosion of diarrhea she didn’t have a change of clothes for him in her diaper bag. So she had to wait the whole flight until we landed to change him).
  • Disposable changing pads (less to carry around. Change and toss).
  • Tylenol (You never know when you might need it so better to bring it just in case).

Can I Bring My Car Seat and Stroller? How Much Does It Cost To Check?

Yes! Actually this is one thing that you will definitely need. When I flew with American IMG_1465.JPGAirlines the cost to check a stroller and carseat was free. Pros of checking it prior to boarding is that you will be able to have the baby inside of it hands free. The cons of checking it prior to boarding is having to take it through security. When you are by yourself your hands are already full. So my advice if you are traveling alone is to check it at the customer service counter prior to boarding. Instead have your infant in a carrier, which still allows you to have freedom without having to lug around a stroller.

What about ear popping? Will it affect my baby?

When taking a flight your ears will pop. This unfortunately will also affect your baby. So FullSizeRender.jpgthe number one rule is to ensure that your baby is sucking on a pacifier or drinking a bottle upon decent and arrival. This is extremely important because it can cause your baby to be uncomfortable and also an unpleasant flight for you.

Why you should accept help from your fellow passenger.

When I was traveling home for the first time alone with my baby I was so stressed out because I was so worried that my daughter would get middle ear pain because of the altitude. I remember my daughter knocking the bottle out of my hands mid pour and getting it all over both her and I. What a mess!. Luckily there was a veteran mama next to me who helped me with my daughter. The great thing about moms is that among the chaos we manage to understand one another. I am so thankful to that woman sitting beside me because without her the flight could’ve been much worse. So except the help. You’ll need it.

Cut yourself some slack

If you are anything like me you will probably give yourself a hard time over the aspects of your trip that you cannot control like forgetting the hand sanitizer. Don’t! Because traveling by yourself will be a story in itself to tell your daughter/son when they get older. The fact that you are brave enough to consider taking a trip by yourself with your infant speaks measures about who you are as a mama. As a mom we need to learn to laugh at the chaos because we are all a messy bun mama just trying to get through each day with a little bit of formula spilt on us here and there…

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6 thoughts on “5 Things You Need To Know When Traveling With An Infant Alone

  1. Great post! I too, traveled with my children when they were young. Once they were grown and I saw a mother with a child crying I always offered to walk the child open up-and-down the aisle because the mom looked so exhausted . ( I knew the feeling) That was approximately 6 years ago. When I flew one year later the Mom was very defensive and looked at me like I was crazy I’m so glad that you take the help! You’re like a breath of fresh air!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! I try to bring light to the aspects in life that may be hard to talk about. But I think it’s important to show people that there is still good in the world. Thank you for being so honest! The world need more moms like you even if some moms don’t want to except the help!


  2. Wonderful tips! Mine are in their twenties now. I’ve seen mom’s and dad’s with their tiny ones. I’d help, but you never know when you will come across people that finds your help more interfering. Eek! You sure sound like a pro! I wish you well in your travels with your little one! 🙂


      1. I’ve got a ton of advice! Hahaha….I home schooled mine and they went on to graduate from a private college with honors and now onto their careers. So much in between! I miss the baby stage. Enjoy it all! The time really does go fast. Scary fast! Before you know it, they will be adults. I’m happy to give you any advice. Send specific questions via email. But mainly, love them. Spend time with them. Let them know they are important. Teach them values. Teach them manners. Teach them to take care of themselves (eat healthy, exercise, grooming). I’ve heard over and over how well rounded my kids are. They never believe they were homeschooled (not sure what that means! hahaha) My kids are now my friends. I am still mom, but they love to take me places. We travel together too! It’s a great feeling when they still call and ask me my opinion on things and always say there’s no place like home! You are going to do great. But I do want to say, take time for yourself. You may be a mom, but you are a human, your own person. Take care of yourself and make time to do so. If that means a soak in the tub when they go to sleep or a walk alone, or coffee with a friend, do it! You need to recharge so that you can be a better you! Take care! 🙂


      2. thank you so much for your beautiful wisdom. I will take this advice to heart and do my best as a mama. And pray that my children will want to be around me to travel as well!! Have a wonderful weekend. I look forward to more of your posts ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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