Honeymooning in Bora Bora

When I think of Bora Bora, I think of nothing short of magic. It’s a place that invites you to not only relax but relish in the serene moments of pure beauty. This place will forever hold a special place in my heart.IMG_8553.JPG

I can remember it as if it were yesterday. My husband and I were wed on a Saturday and embarked on our journey to paradise on a Tuesday. That was probably the best decision that we made. Rather then hopping on a plane the day after we got married we had some time to relax in the hotel and recuperate after our wedding. When I envisioned my potential Honeymoon in my mind Bora Bora had always been a distant dream. I couldn’t have been happier that this dream of mine came true. The only way to describe our Honeymoon experience is through the pictures that were taken… Bliss

After a short 9 hour flight from Los AngelesIMG_8533.jpg International Airport we arrived. Luckily we decided to take a redeye flight so that we were able to sleep on the plane, which worked out perfectly.
When we landed we were rested and ready to start our adventure…

Hello Bora Bora. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that after getting off the plane we needed to take a boat ride to get to our over water bungalow. The sights were absolutely breath taking. After a short ride on the boat we made it to our destination.

The Private Island ResortIMG_8561.JPG

The Sofitel Private Island Resort has truly perfected their hospitality that they provide to their guests.  They truly go above and beyond to provide the best experience possible. I loved that we were greeted with singing, music, a coconut filled beverage, and a flower lei. Upon arrival all resort staff line up to sing and welcome you to their resort. I liked that we didn’t have to ask for them to take pictures but rather they offer. They took a bunch, which I loved! Being in Bora Bora you feel that you have walked into a home away from home. I know that places like this are meant to provide excellent service due to the pretty penny that you pay. However there was something unique about the people at this establishment. IMG_8545.jpgThey were extremely helpful, happy and warm to all of their guests.

The Best Aspects of Bora Bora

You can also learn some french while your there. Since it is considered the French Polynesia the primary language is French.

Pure relaxation. If you just want to be lazy and lay around all day you can. Theres no pressure to go anywhere or do anything because your on island time.

Snorkeling or Kayaking. We enjoyed both. Luckily each overwater bungalow is provided with snorkeling gear to use while you’re there. We used these things quite a bit.

You can have a romantic dinner on the beach.  IMG_8631.JPG

Food.. food.. food. There is a wide variety of food to choose from that is fresh and delightful.

Majority of the time we enjoyed listening to music and hanging out on the deck of our bungalow. We enjoyed the ability to sit and chat with a cocktail in hand, while enjoying the views of turquoise water and the occasional sand sharks and sting rays.


Imagine the amount of bliss you have being married then being able to travel somewhere that seems untouched. If you have read my previous blog about “Why I Waited to Travel with The Right Person” . Then you well know that my husband and I are in love with the ocean. So it only seemed fitting for us to travel to a place that is surrounded by an abundance of turquoise water. If you are looking to travel somewhere that you are able to bask in the silence of your own thoughts and enjoy pure relaxation. This is the place to go! I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and if you did hit the “like” button. Where is your dream place to travel? Have a beautiful day! Xoxo 💋Real Unicorn Mom.

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