My Top 5 Favorite things about Seattle

I would like to start off this blog by saying I’m so sorry that I’ve been too busy to write. Sometimes life happens and it doesn’t allow you to do the things you wish you could. So without further ado… If you follow my Instagram you might already be aware that my husband and I recently took a trip to Seattle. There are many aspects about this city that anyone can appreciate. Every time we travel somewhere new I find myself falling in love with some part of the country.

Here are of my favorite things while visiting Seattle:

The sights

Unfortunately we weren’t able to do everything that we wanted while we were there because of the short nature of the trip. But you don’t have to go to all of the tourist places to appreciate the beautiful scenery and culture that a new state has to offer. I think one of the things that I fell in love with the most while in Washington is its lush greenery that surrounds this state. If you are a photographer there are many places that you can photograph for pictures. Stunning…image

The architecture

Its considered a city on top of a city which is one aspect of Seattle that I never knew. It’s crazy to think that the majority of the city’s  buildings first floor is underground. This is also considered one of the most popular tourist attractions to see (the underground tour). I would recommend doing the adult rated tour because your able to receive the real story of how the city came up and became what it is today. I won’t spoil it for you thou (wink). image.jpeg

Pikes Place Market

It might sound cliche to go to certain tourist places while visiting a place that you’ve never been but this market is such a beautiful place and a must see. Luckily we were within walking distance of the market so we were able to come and go as we pleased. Why I loved it? Gum alley, the flower market, the fish throwing show, and the food!! So good!! What more can you ask for?image

The Food

If you know me or follow my Instagram you well know I’m kinda a closet “foodie”. I’m obsessed with of course coffee (life) and food. If you enjoy sea food I would strongly suggest that you go to a couple of our favorite places. Luckily my husband has traveled here a few times to know the spots to go to for food and the views aren’t bad either. Other places were kinda trial and error but also delicious. Our First stop was The Crab Pot, where we dined and ate the famous Pacific Clambake. If your into seafood you will definitely get full off of this bucket of yum! image

Our second dinning experience was at Elliott’s. If you enjoy oysters and the classic New England clam chowder let me just say wow. I’ve had many bowls of clam chowder but nothing beats how fresh this chowder is. We also enjoyed being able to choose a variety of oysters from different parts of the world. Each bringing a different taste to the palet. Nothing short of divine. image.jpeg

The Essence of learning something new

Key Take away.. Appreciate all the moments that life has to offer you because you deserve nothing less. True happiness is found from within yourself. Make memories with those who appreciate life as much as you do and inspire those who may need a little guidence. Because at one point or another you might have needing some guidence as well. image

I truly hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed writing all about Seattle. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can! Hope today brings much joy and happiness to your life. Have a great day.


Xoxo 💋 Realunicornmom


6 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite things about Seattle

  1. I agree that Seattle has the sights and food scene locked down! My poor hubby is traveling this week and is in some suburb in Colorado and has been blowing my phone up with all his bad food experiences. We are pretty spoiled out here!


    1. Do you currently live in Seattle? I love it’s charming city. Can’t wait to visit again soon. Wow!! I’m sorry your husband isn’t too happy with Colorado. It’s unfortunate when you become so spoiled with food because there’s no comparison. Thank you for stopping by!! Maybe one day I can travel there and find some diamonds in the rough. lol

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