How to plan the perfect 1st Birthday for your cutie!

imageOver the past few weeks we have been so busy as a family. I haven’t even had a chance to think about blogging. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in life that there is only time for the aspects that serve as the most importance. Take time for those things that matter in your life and don’t beat yourself up over it. Whatever you plan will be perfect!!

First Birthday party planning

From the perfect dress, invitations, balloons, DIYs and lets eat cake. I have been boggled with what to do for my daughters birthday party. Here’s a few tips to consider:

1. Think of a theme

I decided to go simple with a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party and do a lot of my own DIY projects in between nap times. Luckily it wasn’t too hard and not too expensive. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a fabulous party. Sometimes less is more.

2. Start planning and collecting early

The number one thing that has saved me time and time again is planning. I have learned from my DIY wedding the importance of collecting items early. Since my daughter really doesn’t have an opinion about her theme yet this makes it easy for me to decide what we’re doing and let the collection process begin! The earlier you start the better.image

3. DIY

When I think of DIY I honestly cringe because as we all know that being a mom takes a whole lot of time and not much time for anything else. So I learned that utilizing naps was my best friend. Luckily my daughter has a pretty good nap range.

4. Making a high chair skirt

When I looked online at all these fancy skirts I thought to myself there is no way that I will be able to make that.. But a mama on a mission is one lethal mama. 5 tutu skirts from the dollar tree, black ribbon, black, silver and pink card stock, a sewing kit and DONE!image

5. Birthday Back Drop

Pinterest is notorious for making everything look so fabulous but is it complicated? The truth is if you have a small creative bone in your body you will be able to make it work. To large pieces of pink paper from party city tapped together along with a Minnie Mouse Happy Birthday sign, a few balloons and DONE! You can also go a bit more simple with streamers and balloons to frame the back drop.image.jpeg

Regardless of what you decide to plan for your little bundle of joy it will be more then enough! Never sell yourself short and think that it won’t be perfect because in the end all you will have is pictures and the memories that you create with your family. image

Happy planning!! Have a beautiful day!!

Xoxo 💋 Realunicornmom

3 thoughts on “How to plan the perfect 1st Birthday for your cutie!

    1. Omg how cute!!! That’s so adorable! I love themes!! They make everything so special. Thank you so much for your response!! Means so much to this mama. Hope your having a lovely night! That Asian wrap looked amazing btw 😍

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