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What I Have Learned From Being A Mom After 1 Year

What I have learned in a year

Prior to being a mom, I never thought being a mom was a difficult task in life. As I became one in the matter of minutes of giving birth to my daughter I realized the reality of “OMG!” I never knew that becoming a mom would be so hard. When people would say “Being a mom is so hard!” A part of me would laugh a little inside. (Thinking to my self) seriously what’s so hard about being a mom… Fast forward one year later… Girl…. Let me tell you “Mommin ain’t easy!”

Not to scare any of you who do not have children, however it’s unlike any job you will ever have. Your hours are long, sometimes you will not have time for lunch breaks, you may not even have time to pee, and you may forget daily what you were supposed to do 3 minutes prior to a baby meltdown. However it will be the most rewarding job that you will ever have in your life. I can promise you that.

  1. Every day is a different dayimage

I’ve realized that with motherhood everyday is a different experience. As no one is perfect. Neither is your growing child. One day they may love to eat a certain food and the next they are throwing it on the floor. However I have learned to take each day as it comes and realize that our children are little growing humans who are trying to understand this brand new world. They also have bad days too!

2. The importance of routineimage

The best thing I could have ever done was be consistent with a routine. This allowed my daughter to understand as she grew the expectation of a routine. If you can do at least 3 things before bedtime this will make their transition for sleep that much easier. Our nightly routine consists of dinner, bath time, bottle and bed. It’s simple but she absolutely loves it. We try to stay consistent with the time as well but if we have an event that day we don’t let it affect our day. Because life happens.  Every time we lay my daughter down we tell her “Good night. I love you!” It’s always said in the same sweet manner too. When the morning comes it’s no different “Good Morning! Are you ready to start your day?” She always gets so excited in the morning. As for Nap time we say “time to take a nap. I love you.” This provides a sense of consistency that allows their mind to use recall skills. Just like when it’s time to eat I always ask my daughter “Are you hungry? Do you want to eat?” Usually she will respond with excitement by clapping or kicking her feet. I believe it’s important in the beginning stages of life for their cognitive development. As they grow they begin to understand more and more. This has helped me immensely.

3. No Mom is Perfectimage

At the beginning I really struggled with trying to be the “perfect mom”. I wanted to know everything and do everything perfect. But who doesn’t? I was always second guessing myself wondering if I was doing the right thing for my daughter. I’ve discovered “No one is perfect!” Every mom has to struggle to learn the process of being a mom, hence the saying “trial and error”. I’ve learned that’s ok! If something doesn’t work try something else. Reading is essentially what helped me to become a good mom. Although I’m still learning.. When all else fails Google.

4. Your IPhone and Camera will become  your Best friendimage

I cannot look through my photos without seeing a million of my daughter. I’ve always been an avid photo taker but once I had my daughter it has become an obsession. My husband is use to it by now but I’m sure it was funny in the beginning. These moments are only here for such a short period of time. Make sure to capture every moment. In a blink of an eye she was 1 years old. I still pinch myself when I look at this photo.

5. You will loose and discover yourself at the same time

At the beginning I thought I was crazy for thinking motherhood would be so easy… “What did I get myself into?” For a moment the only thing I saw myself as was a struggling mom. However as you get use to your new life, a routine develops. Only then does it become easier and you start to see a whole new piece of yourself that was missing before you had a child. As your child grows there routine will change but this only makes you a better parent. You both grow together and understand one another. This part was amazing for me. I have realized how strong I am as a person and that I can over come many things all at once. Trust your instincts because 99% of the time you are right as a mama. Don’t ever sell yourself short with self doubt! You got this!

There are so many other things that I could say in regards to the experience of being a mom. However the best way that you learn is going through it yourself. Many people can give you advise but your experience is unique because not every person, baby or journey is the same. You write your own unique story. I have also discovered that it does become much easier as you move through the months of your child’s life. My favorite moments with my daughter are endless. However I enjoyed when she turned 5 months old because her personality started to blossom. I have fully embraced every experience and loved every moment. It truly goes by so fast. So enjoy your little one because time waits for no one… I truly hope you enjoyed this post! Have a beautiful day.

Xoxo 💋 Real Unicorn Mom

2 thoughts on “What I Have Learned From Being A Mom After 1 Year

  1. Such a great post! Mommin sure ain’t easy… we are not big routine people (at least we weren’t before a kid) so that was a big transition for us to realize that we would now need to add that to our lives. My hubby and I went out and got the 128GB iPhones and I don’t regret it for a second! Our daughter is almost 2 1/2 years old and I still have memory to spare, and I have some videos even loaded up for her when we travel. I agree completely too about how you lost and find yourself. After having a kid I struggled very much with my new identity, and I feel like blogging has actually become a big part of finding myself again! Having a baby is fun but I actually prefer having a toddler because they are so chatty and are so fun to interact with. I wish I had a video of every silly little kid thing my daughter has said to me! You have some fun days ahead of you for sure!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words.. I always look forward to hearing other moms thoughts. I truly look forward to all the moments to come in this journey. Thank you for being so inspiring for my own blog. 😘


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