Tom Muehlenbeck Recreational Center

IMG_1765As a mom of a 1 year old it can be challenging to get out. Prior to walking it was hard to take my daughter places where she could be independent without getting into things she wasn’t suppose to. If you know what I mean. Now that she is walking it has made getting out much easier for us as she has become much more independent. Today we decided to do something fun for our little one after being cooped up in the house. We decided on going to the Tom Muehlenbeck Recreational Center in Plano Texas. Boy oh boy what a treat for the whole family!IMG_7603

This place is perfect for all ages as they have several different pools for kids and adults alike. We enjoyed taking our cutie in the shallow area where she could walk along the edge of pool and walk in and out as she pleased. She enjoyed being able to get in and out of the shallow area easily because of the “beach entry” walk in pool on the shallow side, which is a great feature for younger children like my daughter.


Considering it was our first time at the Recreational center we packed light as we were unsure of what we could and could not bring. Luckily we brought food, snacks and water for the whole family. However to our surprise we were able to bring food as well as drinks. Yay!!

Recommendations for the pool:

Treat it like the beach, bring towels, sunblock, a cooler with lunch, snacks, water, and anything else you might need for your family. One life savor was purchasing a thermos insulated snack jar. It’s perfect for this summer heat keeping your cuties food cold for up to a few hours. Another thing I would definitely recommend is water shoes for your cutie. The surface on the shallow end of the pool might be a little rough and cut up their feet. Plus it’s a bonus when they get out of the pool and the ground is hot. No burnt toes (winning!!) If you’re able to get there early you can snag a covered patio table, it’s a definite plus!


We will definitely be coming here again as it brings lots of fun for summer time, which is fast approaching. Creating memories remains to be the most important factor in our family unit. Regardless of where you go make the most out of your day and create memories you’ll remember forever!! You and your kids deserve it. Hope you had a great weekend!! Thanks for stopping by 💋

Xoxo Real Unicorn Mom

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