My Open Heart

Creating An Etsy Shop

I remember years back when Etsy was born I always dreamt of becoming a shop owner. However I never knew what I would sell? Well today I decided to open up shop. It all started with a painted rock that became a long awaited dream that became a reality. I’m so excited to commence this new endeavor and scared at the same time.IMG_3095.JPG

These painted little gems hold a lot of value to me because the way that they are painted take a whole lot of time as well as a whole lot of love. Before I paint each rock I like to center myself. By doing this I am allowed to fully give all of my energy to each project. This process is vital for me because when you place your whole self in something it always turns out fabulous. It is also very important that my buyers imbrace the balance and positivity that is placed into each rock. No rock is ever exact as I go off of what I am feeling at the moment. So each rock tells its own story and is unique.IMG_3092.JPG

The one thing that I have learned in life is that you can never fear change or your dreams. Sometimes you just have to take the wheel and just drive!! Cheers to a short snippet of celebration and hopefully a beginning of something amazing! Oh and don’t forget to stop by the new shop! Hope your having a great start to your week.

Xoxo 💋 Realunicornmom

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