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What I Have Learned From Being A Mom After 1 Year

What I have learned in a year Prior to being a mom, I never thought being a mom was a difficult task in life. As I became one in the matter of minutes of giving birth to my daughter I realized the reality of “OMG!” I never knew that becoming a mom would be so… Continue reading What I Have Learned From Being A Mom After 1 Year

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The Truth of Having a C-Section Delivery

Here are the 8 Things That No One Ever Tells You About Before Having A C-Section that you definitely need to know and prepare for. Having a C-section is not all what it’s cut out to be “The Easy Way Out”. Far from it! People tend to forget that this is a surgery. To me… Continue reading The Truth of Having a C-Section Delivery

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Spoiled Mama Review

One of the very first things that you think about when your growing belly starts to stretch is “Will I get stretch marks?” So there you are searching the Internet for that miracle cream, lotion or oil. When reading ingredients on some of the products that I had found the number one turn off was… Continue reading Spoiled Mama Review

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Confessions of Becoming A New Mom

No one ever talks about the reality of becoming a new mom. People will only talk about the beautiful side of motherhood; the name you have chose, the color paint in your nursery, and so on. The things that other mothers will never tell you is the truth. So there you are pregnant, envisioning your… Continue reading Confessions of Becoming A New Mom

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Losing The Baby Weight

It’s crazy to think that almost one year ago I was giving birth to my daughter. But with all of the joys of pregnancy comes the annoying baby weight that seems to never go away. I don’t know if every mama experiences what I did but I hated my body. No matter how much I… Continue reading Losing The Baby Weight

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Why My Daughter Has Never Had Diaper Rash

One of the things that I always hear moms talking about is how their child has or has had the worst diaper rash. Fortunately my daughter has never gotten a bad diaper rash (knock on wood). I attribute her flawless tush to aquaphor and occasional bathing or sponge bathing after her pooping episodes, when it’s… Continue reading Why My Daughter Has Never Had Diaper Rash

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The Heart of A Military Wife

To be a Military Wife it takes a whole lot of heart, courage, love, passion, dedication, and so much more. There are other aspects that come into account as well such as moving to a new place, new state, and new city that you know nothing about. There is no family there except for you,… Continue reading The Heart of A Military Wife